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  The Cape Fear Chapter MOAA : The Cape Fear Chapter Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) Reaching Out: ROTC Scholarships and Awards

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School Year 2018-2019

The Cape Fear Chapter presented the MOAA Medal and Certificate to recognize JROTC cadets who demonstrated exceptional potential for military leadership; awards were presented on dates indicated. Congratulations to the following MOAA award recipients:

Cape Fear HS, Cadet Wesley Tomas, Navy JROTC, May 3

Clinton HS, Cadet Ruth Camacena, Army JROTC, Mar 15

Douglas Byrd HS, Cadet Adrian Ramirez, Army JROTC, May 3

E.E. Smith HS, Cadet Elijah Alford, Air Force JROTC, May 11

East Bladen HS, Cadet Hunter Clark, Army JROTC, May 8

Fairmont HS, Cadet Kaitlyn Hunt, Army JROTC, May 22

Gray’s Creek HS, Cadet Olivia Jones, Navy JROTC, April 30

Harnett Central HS, Cadet Joy Capra, Army JROTC, May 4

Hoke County HS, Cadet Addison Madrid, Army JROTC, May 7

Jack Britt HS, Cadet Kennedy Barnes, Army JROTC, Mar 8

Lakewood HS, Cadet Isabella Dolin, Army JROTC, May 23

Lumberton Senior HS, Cadet Kaley Fields, Army JROTC, May 9

Overhills HS, Cadet Joseph Barnes, Army JROTC, May 9

Pine Forest HS, Cadet Ariah Davenport, Air Force JROTC, April 10

Purnell Swett HS, Cadet Caleb Jacobs, Army JROTC, May 3

Red Springs HS, Cadet Cristina Cubas, Army JROTC, May 22

Saint Paul’s HS, Cadet Joshua Harlee, Army JROTC, April 13

Seventy First HS, Cadet Suryah Ethridge, Air Force JROTC, April 5

South Robeson HS, Cadet Jacob Strickland, Army JROTC, May 15

South View HS, Cadet Daniel Morrison, Army JROTC, April 13

Terry Sanford HS, Cadet Catherine Adam, Air Force JROTC, April 5

Triton HS, Cadet Emiley Obregon, Army JROTC, April 27

Union HS, Cadet Carlos Gutierrez, Army JROTC, May 4

West Bladen HS Cadet Jacob Young, Army JROTC, May 16

Western Harnett HS, Cadet Dante Kelley, Army JROTC, May 17

Westover HS, Cadet Vinajah Martin, Army JROTC, April 27