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2014 Colonel Marvin J. Harris Communications Awards

Cape Fear Chapter Repeats

MOAA National recently announced the results of the 2014 Colonel Marvin J. Harris Communication Awards contest and our Chapter repeated as winner of the best chapter web site and winner of the best chapter electronic-newsletter (“Gram of Info”) in Category III. We may all be justifiably proud of our continued excellence in communications technology.

May 1, 15/ CFMOAA/ National/State/

Chapter Leaders Attend MOAA 2014 Chapter Leaders' Symposium

Jacksonville, Florida 4 - 6 September 2014

Chapter President Juan Chavez, 3rd Vice President Bill Dadek, and Secretary Don Gersh, attended the annual symposium. (Photo at right, L to R: Bill Dadek, VADM Ryan, Juan Chavez, Don Gersh)

Colonel Chavez: “This was the first leaders' symposium I've had the privilege of attending since I took over the chapter and I'm glad I did. I was impressed with how well the symposium was organized and executed. The opportunity to interact with other chapter leaders and share problems, solutions and ideas was most beneficial; we all learned from each other how to improve our chapters. I’m thankful that two of my directors were able to accompany me and share the experience. I wish my entire board of directors could’ve attended, but we were limited to three. The professionalism exhibited by the MOAA National leadership and staff in their presentations and interactions made one proud of being associated with such a top-notch organization.”

MOAA's chapter system includes 34 state councils and 412 chapters nationwide. Each year MOAA holds the Chapter Leaders' Symposium in one of four regions, moving from east to west across the country.

The Cape Fear Chapter leaders joined 240 council and chapter leaders and their spouses from seven state councils and more than 90 chapters in MOAA’s Southeast region. Participants met with other council and chapter leaders and key members of the national staff and board of directors.

Leaders attended general session and breakout workshops the following day, where they discussed membership challenges, shared best practices, and brainstormed new ideas. Membership chairs discussed how to recruit and retain more members, while council and chapter presidents and vice presidents reviewed management techniques. Council and chapter legislative chairs and liaisons attended a special workshop focused on grassroots advocacy and legislative affairs.

“Our council and chapter leaders play extremely vital role in MOAA’s overall success. From grassroots advocacy to community service, they make it happen,” President of MOAA Vice Adm. Norb Ryan, said. “This is a valuable way for us to listen and learn from each other about how to lead our chapters and make them more effective for their members and their surrounding communities. These chapter leaders work hard, and we want to do all we can to help them with their responsibilities,” he concluded.

Sep 24, 14/ CFMOAA/ National/State/

DMV Applies the Veteran Designation to Driver Licenses and Identification Cards

Effective October 7, 2013, DMV began offering the opportunity for veterans to request a veteran designation to be placed on their driver licenses and identification cards. This service can be obtained at any driver license office throughout the State.

The decal is affixed when the license is produced and all licenses are produced in Raleigh. There is a $10.00 charge for this license as it is considered a duplicate license.

For procedures on how to obtain the designation, click on link below.

Nov 17, 13/ CFMOAA/ National/State/