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by Rich Underwood

Thanks to our commercial sponsors/supporters and chapter members who responded so generously to the call for donations to the chapter’s scholarship fund necessitated because of the traditional fundraising golf tournament cancelation this year. A total of $17,185 was donated collectively by the following:

Commercial Sponsors/Supporters

Anfinsen Plastics & Molding, Inc.

Blue Ridge Power

Carolina Specialties, Inc.

Mrs. Erika Meinhardt

LTC (Ret) Hans Meinhardt

Rudy’s, Inc.

Superior Bakery, Inc.


CFC Members

COL (Ret) David L. Baggett

COL (Ret) Eli Ballard

LTC (Ret) William Bell

LTC (Ret) David Beshlin

MAJ (Ret) George Bond

LTC (Ret) Timothy E. Brennan

LTC (Ret) Bruce T. Brown

COL (Ret) Juan I. Chavez

LTC (Ret) James Chrishon

MAJ (Ret) Gerald F. Croll

COL (Ret) Addison Davis

LTC (Ret) Thomas W. Donnelly

COL (Ret) George M. Dudley

COL (Ret) John P. Dunigan

COL (Ret) Ronald Elrod

COL (Ret) Ronnie Foxx

LTC (Ret) Robert T. Garman

LTC (Ret) George W. Glann, Jr.

COL (Ret) Elizabeth B. Goolsby

LTC (Ret) Gerald M. Gordner

LTC (Ret) John W. Hazlett

Mrs. Lois Ives

Mrs. Carol Ivey

Mrs. Michelle L. Lame

Mrs. Mary McLaughlin

COL (Ret) Mondrey McLaurin

Gen (Ret) Dan K. McNeill

Mrs. Dorothy B. Miller

BG (Ret) Joseph L. Nagel

MAJ (Ret) Warren O’Brien

Col (Ret) Chester Oehme

LTC (Ret) Charles Pimble

COL (Ret) Deena G. Pittman

COL (Ret) Eddie Rosado

LTC (Ret) Richard H. Shereff

Mrs. Patricia Stang

LTC (Ret) Walter M. Swing

CW4 (Ret) Harold A. Thacker, Jr.

COL (Ret) Richard A. Underwood

Mrs. Sarah Volkmann

Mr. Joseph J. Vonnegut

CPT (Ret) David S. Vroom

LTC (Ret) James W. Wilde

LTC (Ret) Horace Williams

LTC (Ret) Martin C. Williams

CHAP (COL) (Ret) Gregory Williamson

While the donations campaign unofficially closed on 1 October 2022, donations will be gratefully accepted through the end of the year, to allow those who did not participate during the campaign window an extended opportunity to contribute.

Donation checks should be made payable to “CFC MOAA” and mailed to “CFC MOAA, P.O. Box 53621, Fayetteville, NC 28305”. Please enter “xGolf” in the memo.

10/23/22 13:19/ CFMOAA/ General/