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COL (Ret) James “Jim” A. Volkmann, US Army (February 6, 1929 – July 27, 2021)

It is with deep regret to announce that Colonel Jim Volkmann, one of our regular members died on July 27, 2021, he was 92

Jim was awarded a commissioned as a Second Lieutenant through ROTC upon graduation from the University of Wisconsin in 1952. After his 3 years of obligatory active duty, he transferred to the Army Reserve and enrolled in Marquette University Dental School. After completion of dental school, he rejoined the active Army as a dentist and served until his retirement in 1987. His military career spanned a period of 35 years in both CONUS and overseas assignments including an extended combat tour in Vietnam.

Jim and his wife were loyal members of the chapter for many years. His loss will be keenly felt by all of us.

Our heartfelt condolences are extended to his wife Sarah, and the extended Volkmann family during their bereavement.

Schedule of services is included in obituary below.

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Take Action Today!

The Membership Renewal Campaign for 2021 kicked off in December 2020 but as of 1 July 2021 only a dismal 27% of our members have renewed. We are asking those who are delinquent to submit their renewals as soon as possible. Remit by USPS mail using form at download bar at right together with check payable to “CFC MOAA” and mail to “CFC MOAA, P.O. Box 53621, Fayetteville, NC 28305”; or, online using a charge card and following the prompts.

There are still several chapter members who have not paid their 2020 dues. If you fall in this category, please bring your account up to date by remitting for 2020 and 2021.

One of the criteria for earning a 5-Star Chapter award is to achieve 95% or better retention, we are far from that. You can do your part by renewing your membership now.

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Foursome of active duty soldiers at 2019 tournament.

11 September 2021

Our annual fundraising golf tournament is back after last year's cancelation because of the pandemic. This year's tournament will be held at Gates Four Golf & Country Club on Saturday, 11 September 2021. Registration will commence at 11:00 AM, a lunch buffet will be served at 11:30 AM, and players will tee off at 1:00 PM. In keeping with tradition, we will invite 50-60 active-duty soldiers/airmen as our guests to enjoy a great day of golf, food and drink, and camaraderie.

We encourage all of our members to take part in this annual event either as a player, a sponsor, a tournament volunteer, or a combination thereof. Here is how you can:

Hole Sponsorships. A donation of $150 will sponsor a golf hole. You can sponsor a hole in your name, or in memory of a loved one. If you know of any business, civic or church group, or friend that would be willing to support a noble program ask them to sponsor a hole. Sponsorship entitles the sponsor to a professionally fabricated sign with the inscription, “This Hole Sponsored by”, followed by the sponsor’s name and/or other desired inscription, prominently displayed on one of the tee boxes during the tournament. The names of all sponsors are widely publicized in all tournament literature and our website.

Active-Duty Soldiers Sponsorships. Our program to sponsor our active-duty soldiers and airmen to play in our golf tournament as our guests is a popular one. Our soldiers have a great time and our sponsors get a great sense of satisfaction in treating them. Our goal this yearis to sponsor at least 60 active-duty soldiers; the cost will be $80 per soldier (the player entry fee). The benefits of this program are several but suffice it to say that they present us with an opportunity to thank our active-duty soldiers for their service by treating them to a great golf outing; and it presents them an opportunity to interact with their retired comrades.

Player. If you are a golfer, put your own team together and enter as a team; or enter as an individual player and we’ll pair you off.

To enter as a player or team use the entry form in tournament flier.

To sponsor a hole/soldier, or just make a donation use the sponsorship submission form.

Both forms can be download from download bar above.

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Rich Underwood

by Rich Underwood

I want to thank all who attended our annual ROTC scholarship awards luncheon on the 7th of May. It was uplifting to see many of our members again after more than a year of not being able to meet in person. PA system problems aside, everyone seemed to have a good time enjoying the camaraderie and the freedom of being out among people once again.

It was also gratifying to witness the awarding of scholarships to some of our most promising young men and women as they continue their journey to earn a college degree and an officer’s commission in one of our military services. It is most reassuring to know that the future of our Officers Corps looks very bright indeed.

In commemorating our 60th anniversary as a MOAA affiliate, Lt Gen (Ret) Atkins’ congratulatory note (quoted in post below), highlighted our ROTC scholarship program and our resolve to continue our mission during a turbulent time in our history. With this year’s scholarships, we have awarded a total of $169,000 in scholarships since our program’s inception in 1998, a record we can all be justifiably proud.

As the General alluded, we have not stopped serving during rough times, but we need every member to keep the faith and assist us in our task. We are blessed with a new treasurer, Jerry Croll, but we still need help. We have several key positions on our executive board that must be filled. Please give me a call if you feel inclined to serve.

With Memorial Day just a week away, let us remember and honor our fallen comrades who made the ultimate sacrifice. I encourage you to attend the Memorial Day ceremony held at the Freedom Memorial Park in Fayetteville at 10:00 AM on Monday, May 31, 2021; our chapter has the honor of laying a wreath at the park’s Global War on Terrorism Monument.

Finally, with the start of the summer vacation season, coupled with the lifting of some pandemic health restrictions, I wish all of you a wonderful, safe, and healthy summer! Safe travels to all!



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LTC (Ret) Harold “Ike” G. Isaacson, US Army (December 4, 1938 – July 9, 2021)

It is with deep regret that we announce that Ike Isaacson, one of our regular members died on July 9, 2021.

Ike received his commission as a Second Lieutenant from ROTC at the University of Wisconsin in 1962. His military career spanned a period of 23 years in a succession of command and staff assignments in CONUS and overseas including two combat tours in Vietnam. After retiring from the Army, Ike embarked on his second career as a realtor alongside his wife Pat.

Ike and his wife were loyal members of the chapter for many years. Both being avid golfers, they were regulars at the chapter’s annual fundraising golf tournament. His loss will be keenly felt by all of us, particularly at this year’s tournament.

Our heartfelt condolences are extended to his wife Pat, and the extended Isaacson family during their bereavement.

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Judith B. (Judy) Klinck (March 14, 1948 - June 26, 2021)

It is with deep regret that we announce the unexpected death of Judy Klinck, wife of chapter member COL (Ret) Earl (Fred) Klinck on June 26, 2021.

Judy was an Army wife for 27 years and after her husband’s retirement from the military, became highly active in our local community and her church in several capacities.

Judy was well known and loved by many, and her loss will leave a great void in our hearts. Our thoughts and prayers are with Fred and the extended Klinck family during their bereavement.

Schedule of services is included in obituary below.

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by Rich Underwood

Our chapter was founded on the 22nd of March 1961 at Fort Bragg and became the first affiliate of The Retired Officers Association (TROA) in North Carolina. On January 1, 2003, the National organization changed its name from The Retired Officers Association (TROA) to the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA).

To commemorate the anniversary, the chapter received a handsome certificate (at download bar at right) from National MOAA accompanied by a personal note from Lt Gen Dana T. Atkins, USAF (Ret) President and CEO. The note reads as follows:

“Dear Colonel Underwood,

Congratulations on achieving 60 years as a MOAA affiliate. During some very challenging times presented by the COVID pandemic, your chapter has adapted to keep the MOAA mission thriving in your community.

Specifically, I truly appreciate your focus on the chapter’s ROTC scholarship program. Your efforts go to the very heart of supporting our men and women in uniform and will inevitably attract a valued membership base to your chapter and our national organization.

Thank you for continuing the commitment to “Never Stop Serving.”


Lt Gen Dana T. Atkins, USAF (Ret)

President and CEO”

We belatedly observed our anniversary during the May 7, 2021 luncheon at the Mash House Restaurant being the first opportunity to meet in person this year.

It is my fervent hope that our chapter will continue doing great work in support of our military, our veterans, and our future military leaders for many more years to come.

05/07/21 21:12/ CFMOAA/ General Info/


by Rich Underwood

MOAA National announced the 2020 Colonel Marvin Harris Communications Award winners, and I am proud to announce that the Cape Fear Chapter maintained its string of now eight consecutive years as a dual 5-Star winner intact.

Congratulations to us for repeating as MOAA communications award winner in the website and eNewsletter platform categories.

All of us may add another feather to our caps!

05/06/21 20:39/ CFMOAA/ Awards/


Rich (L) presents certificate to Ira (R)
Secondary Image
Marty passes trophy to Ira

by Rich Underwood

It was my privilege to present the 2020 Robert F. DeMeter Chapter Service Award to Ira Watkins at our May 4, 2021 Board of Directors meeting held at the Iron Mike Conference Center. Plans were to present the award to Ira at the May 7 luncheon, however, Ira was unable to attend because of personal reasons.

Holding to tradition, last year’s recipient of the award, Marty Williams, passed the rotating DeMeter Trophy to Ira who will retain it for one year. The DeMeter award is the most prestigious award the Chapter can bestow upon one of its members.

The citation on the award certificate reads as follows: “For outstanding service as President Cape Fear Chapter from January 2019 to December 2020. Ira Watkins displayed superb leadership and resolute dedication to his Chapter and the Military Officers Association of America earning a MOAA 5-star Level of Excellence Award and two 5-star communications awards for 2019. All during 2020, Ira was forced to preside virtually, via ZOOM, because of the Corona virus pandemic. He showed noteworthy sensitivity and compassion in interacting with chapter members who struggled with isolation and other related issues, especially with those who lost loved ones to the virus. His leadership over a 2-year period that included the tumultuous 2020 pandemic was extraordinary and clearly worthy of this coveted award.”

Congratulations Ira, you have the eternal gratitude of all our members for your dedicated service and unselfish contributions to the chapter. You are an inspiration to all of us.

05/06/21 16:33/ CFMOAA/ General Info/


Vacancies hurting our chapter!

There is a dire need for volunteers to step up and fill some of the vacant positions on the chapter’s Executive Board. Some of these positions have been vacant for over 2 years, and some have been filled by the same person for as long as 8 years and new blood is needed.

While all the positions are important (they would not exist otherwise) some are more critical than others. The following positions need to be filled post haste:

Secretary – Currently, the most critical vacancy; vacant since 1 January 2021.

2nd Vice President (Programs) – Another critical job; vacant since 1 January 2021 as well.

Surviving Spouse Liaison – A must-have position, a spoke person and advocate for our 30 or so surviving spouses. The position has been vacant for 2 years, but the duties have been performed by Ira Watkins as an additional duty.

Personal Affairs Officer – Another must-have position to advise and assist our members regarding benefits, entitlements, and survivor’s assistance. Position has been vacant for 2 years, but currently filled by Chaplain Atkinson as an additional duty.

Transition Liaison Officer – This position has the potential to be a great recruiting tool for the chapter. Active duty officers transitioning to civilian life can be attracted to a chapter that offers an effective transition program. This position has been vacant for over 2 years and is being filled by George Bond as an additional duty.

Newsletter Editor – An organization must be able to communicate with its members to be successful. A newsletter is one of the most important and effective tools to stay in touch. Don Gersh was the Editor for more than 6 years until he had to lay down his quill because of health reasons. The last issue of the Infogram was published in January 2021.

Webmaster – In this technological age, a website is a most important medium of communication. Juan Chavez has been our webmaster for more than 8 years and suffering from “burnout”. We need a younger, computer savvy type to take over and exploit the website’s potential to a new level.

Any of the above positions can be filled by a regular member or a spouse thereof, or a surviving spouse. Most of the work can be performed from home via telephone and computer. The Executive Board meets physically at the Fort Bragg Iron Mike Conference Center on the first Tuesday of each month, and meetings normally last approximately 2 hours.

The continued shortage of officers to lead the chapter forward constitutes an existential threat to the chapter. We simply cannot continue to keep the chapter afloat like this. We need an infusion of new blood, new ideas and new energy.

As we observe the 60th anniversary of the chapter’s founding, the first affiliate in the state, we should keep in mind all those who came before us and who worked so hard to make the chapter what it is. It is our collective responsibility to keep the organization viable for future generations of military officers.

04/08/21 14:52/ CFMOAA/ General Info/


President Underwood administers oath of office to Jerry Croll (right)

Major (Ret) Gerald "Jerry" Croll

Our prayers for a chapter treasurer were answered, Jerry Croll answered the call and no one was more relieved than President Rich Underwood. Jerry will fill the large void created with the unexpected death of Ralph Hinrichs on 23 February 2021.

President Rich Underwood officially installed Jerry at the monthly Board of Directors meeting on 6 April 2021 by administering the oath of office in the presence of the Board of Directors.

We all owe a great debt of gratitude to Jerry for stepping up to the plate. We wish him the best of success in a position of paramount importance to our organization.

04/07/21 18:42/ CFMOAA/ General Info/


Rich Underwood

by Rich Underwood

I would first like to update you on the status of the Board of Directors. In reality, the board has not changed much because most of us remained in the same positions, and regretfully we have been unable to persuade anyone to volunteer to serve.

For those who do not remember me, I was the 2nd Vice President for Programs, the guy who passed out the name tags as you entered an event. We are looking to fill that position plus the following: Secretary, Treasurer, Surviving Spouse Liaison, Newsletter Editor and Personal Affairs Officer. If you are interested in serving in one of these positions, please contact me or any board member. These positions are critical to the operation of our organization. The current members are doubling up to perform the duties of the vacant positions and we need some relief, so I urge you to step up to the plate.

On a sadder note, we lost a great friend and member. I reported to you the tragic loss of Ralph Hinrichs on February 23, 2021, the serving Treasurer of our chapter. Ralph also served as a volunteer for the Fort Bragg USO, the Highland Chapter of the Red Cross, the Cumberland County Veterans Council, the Boy Scouts of America, and his church. He truly never stopped serving. His sudden loss to COVID-19 left a huge void in our community. He will always be remembered by all who knew him and served with him, he will be dearly missed. Please remember his wife Dorothy and the family in your prayers as they mourn their loss.

The Chapter received a certificate from MOAA National marking the 60th Anniversary of the Cape Fear Chapter as an affiliate of the Military Officers Association of America and celebrating their mission of service. The certificate will be on display at our next meeting on 7 May. If you would like to learn more about the founding history of our chapter there is an excellent run down in the history section of this website (click on bar below). I want to thank Juan Chavez for putting this together to commemorate our 60th anniversary. Remarkably interesting; I was amazed at those who served our chapter over the years. Well worth the read.

We plan on meeting in person at the Mash House restaurant on 7 May for our traditional annual ROTC Scholarship Awards luncheon. NC State Senator Kirk deViere kindly accepted our invitation to be our featured speaker and assist in the presentation of scholarships.

Marty Williams, our 3rd Vice President for ROTC Affairs, has been busy seeing to it that our ROTC cadets at the senior and junior levels are recognized for their efforts to achieve their goal of becoming an officer in one of our nation’s armed forces. This year we will recognize seven scholarship recipients, four senior ROTC and three junior ROTC cadets. The senior cadets are one each from Campbell University, Methodist University, Fayetteville State University and UNC-Pembroke. The junior ROTC winners are from Overhills High School, Terry Sanford High School and Clinton High School.

Because we were unable to meet in March for the annual awards and recognition event, we shall also be presenting the Robert F. DeMeter Chapter Service Award to a most deserving member. As you know, this is the most prestigious award the chapter bestows on one of its own each year. Come and congratulate our 2020 recipient.

I urge you to come out and enjoy some good food, good fellowship, and a good time getting some wonderful young people off to a good start on their quest to serve our country. We’ll also be celebrating our DeMeter Award recipient and our chapter’s 60th birthday! Lots to look forward to. Hope to see many of you on the 7th of May.

On a closing note, the Senate of the United States of America has passed Senate Resolution 110 designating April 5, 2021 as “Gold Star Wives Day.” Gold Star Wives of America, Inc. was established with the help of first lady Eleanor Roosevelt in 1945 to assist the families left behind by the fallen members of the Armed Forces of the United States. This day is set aside to honor the contributions and dedication of the members of the Gold Wives of America.



P.S. A reminder to send in your membership renewals if you haven’t done so already.

03/23/21 18:46/ CFMOAA/ Presidents Notes/


Rich Underwood

by Rich Underwood

I would like to thank the membership of the Cape Fear Chapter of MOAA for electing me as president; I am honored to accept the challenge.

Even though the general membership has been unable to meet physically for over a year, I want to assure you that the Board of Directors has not missed a beat. We met virtually most of last year, and for the past two months in person (wearing masks) at the Iron Mike Conference Center at Fort Bragg carrying out the chapter’s business.

While the COVID-19 safety restrictions are still in place we are hopeful that they will be gradually lifted this year. Accordingly, we are moving ahead with plans to have a general membership meeting in March if not May, I will keep you informed.

I pledge to the membership that I will work hard to ensure that we will come out of this stronger than before.

In the meantime, stay safe and stay healthy!

02/23/21 19:54/ CFMOAA/ General Info/


We need someone to volunteer to be our Newsletter Editor. Don Gersh who has been our editor for the past 6+ years can no longer do it because of health problems. The January 2021 issue was the last one Don could put together and unless we find someone to takeover, it will sadly be the last.

Wishfully, anyone who had prior experience in editing a publication at any level, e.g., high school, college, military, etc., would be ideal, but practically, we are asking for any literate person who would just like to help and has the enthusiasm (and a computer) to take on the challenge and make this experience a fulfilling one.

The chapter newsletter “Infogram” has been a monthly digital publication, disseminated to the general membership. The software program “Art Explosion Publisher Pro 3” is currently used to compile the publication, but the editor will have wide discretion as to what tools he or she prefers to use.

Anyone interested in taking on this job is requested to call President Rich Underwood at (910) 309-3568.

02/23/21 19:42/ CFMOAA/ General Info/

The Historic 3-Bomber Super Bowl Flyover Was a Huge Missed Opportunity

The Historic 3-Bomber Super Bowl Flyover Was a Huge Missed Opportunity
(Photo by Airman 1st Class Jacob B Wrightsman USAF)

by Retired USAF Lt. Gen. Dana Atkins, President & CEO, MOAA

It was an inspiring moment when music stars Eric Church and Jazmine Sullivan concluded their "The Star-Spangled Banner" duet to fireworks and a history-making flyover: a trifecta of the B-2 Spirit, B-1B Lancer and the B-52H Stratofortress in formation. Their designations added up to 55 in honor of the 55th Super Bowl.

The formation of bombers was a first for such an event and was led by Capt. Sarah Kociuba, one of only 10 female B-2 pilots.

This demonstration of America's precision in defense was awe-inspiring, but you would not know it from commentary and lack of acknowledgment on air.

[RELATED AT MILITARY.COM: How the Air Force Pulled Off the First-Ever Super Bowl Flyover with All 3 Bombers ]

CBS and the NFL failed to give the occasion its due. If you blinked, you might have missed it. What also was missed was the opportunity to spotlight the planning and training to make such moments special to the American public and to international communities enjoying the big game. There is also the significant recruiting opportunity to support the all-volunteer force.

The military-civilian divide is only getting greater, and CBS helped widen the gap by missing the moment. This follows a fall game where Fox commentators Joe Buck and Troy Aikman lamented about flyovers' "cost of taxpayer dollars." These comments, which appeared in leaked audio, were shrugged off as sarcasm.

The Super Bowl's historic flyover could have been an opportunity to set the record straight. No shortage of information was advanced from the Air Force and reports from local stations and networks.

While the Air Force does perform nearly 1,000 flyovers per year, they double as crucial training for all the airmen and other services.

As a former commander of forces and a past aerial demonstration team member of the Air Force Thunderbirds, I can attest that the demonstration flights are rigorous and demanding. While keeping skills razor sharp, they also engage the public and inspire others to serve.

If the networks and the NFL are going to treat these flyovers as just another routine form of pre-game entertainment, there's a significant lost opportunity in providing a catalyst for one of our nation's sons or daughters to consider serving -- just like Kociuba, who as a young girl, was awestruck at the sight of a B-2 bomber at the Rose Bowl Parade.

Finally, such coverage fails to recognize and thank all those serving in our military for defending our country.

After the Super Bowl, I felt a bittersweet mix of pride in our country and sadness about misperceptions about the role of the military. Our men and women who serve in the uniformed services, our veterans, their families and survivors certainly deserve better.

02/15/21 21:31/ CFMOAA/ General Info/


Check out the first issue!

DFAS has a new Survivor SBP Newsletter with lots of news and helpful information for survivors/SBP annuitants. Learn all about the upcoming changes to the SBP-DIC offset, when you’ll get your tax statements, the new School Certification process, helpful form tools and more!

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