ROTC Scholarships

The Cape Fear Chapter scholarship program is an important part of our commitment to the future of our military. Our goal is to give deserving ROTC cadets the opportunity to work toward a military career as a commissioned officer. Funds are raised primarily by an annual golf tournament, plus donations from chapter members and commercial sponsors.

The chapter awards an average of seven $1,000 scholarships each year. Four scholarships are normally allocated to senior ROTC applicants and three to junior ROTC applicants. Changes to the number and amounts of scholarships to be awarded may be made based on number of applicants and funds available from year to year.

Applicants from the senior ROTC units must be enrolled in ROTC programs of the universities the chapter supports. An exception to this is that children and/or grandchildren of chapter members in good standing enrolled in a senior ROTC program in any accredited college or university in the United States are also eligible to apply. For more information, see CFC Policy Memo 15-1 in the Documents tab of this website.

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