Annual General Membership Meeting and Dinner November 18, 2016
Annual General Membership Meeting and Dinner

Annual General Membership Meeting and Dinner

November 18, 2016

Theme of the evening at the Iron Mike Conference Center at Fort Bragg was the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the USO. The occasion was used as a platform to launch the chapter’s USO Volunteer Initiative. The goal of which is to recruit 40-50 USO volunteers from the CFC ranks to support the USO Centers at Fort Bragg and the Fayetteville Regional Airport.

Chaplain Tim Atkinson sang the National Anthem, and delivered the invocation. President Chavez led the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

Special guests: Mr. John Falkenbury, President and CEO of USO North Carolina (keynote speaker); and, Ms. Renee Lane, Director of USO Fort Bragg.

President Chavez added a MOAA 2016 Level of Excellence Award 5-Star Streamer to the Chapter Colors, and congratulated and thanked everyone for their contributions that made the award possible.

Stan Dodson, Chairman of the 2016 Nominating Committee presented the slate of candidates for election to Chapter President and five other leadership positions for the 2-year term starting in January 2017. Ballots were distributed to all attendees for early voting.

Other chapter business: Voted on proposed amendments to the constitution and bylaws, and the dues structure for 2017.

President Chavez presented Ms. Lane with a $500 donation to the Fort Bragg USO; and, a chapter coin mounted on a coin lock to John Falkenbury as a token of appreciation for being our guest speaker.

President Chavez recognized and thanked all past and current CFC USO volunteers.

Chaplain Atkinson sang "God Bless America", and delivered the benediction; the meeting was adjourned.

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