General Membership Meeting/Awards and Recognition Luncheon March 17, 2016
General Membership Meeting/Awards and Recognition Luncheon

General Membership Meeting/Awards and Recognition Luncheon

March 17, 2016

The main theme of this meeting was recognition and reward of members for distinguished service and/or contributions.

Vietnam War Veteran Lapel Pins were presented to Louise Johnson, Gloria Shoupe, Mary Wright, Joy Vanhout, Pat Stang and Betty Baker, all surviving spouses of Vietnam veterans; and, to two Vietnam War Veterans, Steve Sosa and Angel Carrion.

Maureen Dadek was presented with a President’s Proclamation designating the top junior ROTC scholarship awarded each year as the “Bill Dadek Memorial Scholarship” in honor of her late husband Bill Dadek for his contributions to the ROTC Scholarship Program during his 8 years as Vice President for ROTC Affairs and Chairman of the ROTC Scholarship Awards Committee.

Certificates of appreciation were presented to USO volunteers George Blanc, Bob & Nancy Garman, Dave & Dot Miller, Bob Ives, Arlie Smith and Ralph Hinrichs; and, to Chapter Honor Guard members, George Blanc, Bob Garman, Dennis Franken, R.B. Goforth, Marty Williams, Bob Ives, Don Gersh and Ralph Hinrichs for their service and contribution to the chapter.

Jeri Graham was presented a certificate of appreciation and a coin lock for her support of our chapter during her two year tenure as President of the NCCOC.

Past Chapter Presidents Arlie Smith, Bob Garman and Charlie Brindel were presented with coin locks in appreciation for their past service as Chapter Presidents.

Finally, the 2015 Robert F. DeMeter Chapter Service Award was presented to Tammy Beshlin for outstanding service to the chapter in her capacity as Golf Tournament Director and Chairperson of the Golf Tournament Committee for the past three years. During that period Tammy was instrumental in raising over $60,000 for the scholarship fund. Tammy is the first female recipient of the award since its inception in 1998 as well as the first spouse to earn the award.

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