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Board Meetings

The Chapter Executive Board meets on the first Tuesday of each month at the Fort Bragg Iron Mike Conference Center. Members are welcome to attend these meetings to offer contributions or suggestions.

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General Membership Meetings/Socials

The chapter holds general membership meetings on a bi-monthly basis starting in January. The general membership meeting is normally combined with a luncheon or dinner held in a local or post restaurant/club. The event program normally includes a guest speaker and/or entertainment. Other activities include an annual day at the ball park to enjoy a Fayetteville Woodpeckers home game.

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ROTC Scholarships

The Cape Fear Chapter scholarship program is an important part of our commitment to the future of our military. Our goal is to give deserving ROTC cadets the opportunity to work toward a military career as a commissioned officer. Funds are raised primarily by an annual golf tournament, plus donations from chapter members and commercial sponsors.

The chapter awards an average of seven $1,000 scholarships each year. Four scholarships are normally allocated to senior ROTC applicants and three to junior ROTC applicants. Changes to the number and amounts of scholarships to be awarded may be made based on number of applicants and funds available from year to year.

Applicants from the senior ROTC units must be enrolled in ROTC programs of the universities the chapter supports. An exception to this is that children and/or grandchildren of chapter members in good standing enrolled in a senior ROTC program in any accredited college or university in the United States are also eligible to apply. For more information, see CFC Policy Memo 15-1 in the Documents tab of this website.

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Other Community Outreach Programs

CHARITIES: The chapter donates to local charitable organizations/causes that support our military and local communities such as the: Fort Bragg Fisher House; Fort Bragg Army Soldier & Family Assistance Center; the Fort Bragg Armed Forces YMCA Food Pantry; the USO; the American Red Cross; and, the National Sojourners Spirit of America Youth Leadership Conference Valley Forge Freedom Foundation.

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Chapter Newsletter

The chapter publishes the "Infogram", our monthly newsletter, to keep the membership informed on current events to include information on monthly board meetings, social events, ongoing legislation, and other items of interest to the membership. The newsletter is available in digital format only and distributed monthly via email. Archived copies of the Infogram can also be downloaded for printing or viewing at the link below.

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Annual Fund Raising Golf Tournament

An annual golf tournament usually held in the fall and played on one of the local golf courses is the main fund raising event for the ROTC Scholarships Awards Program and philonthropic programs in support of our active military and their families at Fort Bragg and veterans in surrounding communities. Donations are made by chapter members and local commercial enterprises in form of golf hole sponsorships and/or active-duty soldier-player sponsorships. Chapter members who cannot play for whatever reason, may sponsor an active-duty service member to play in their stead by paying their entry fee. This is a very popular feature with our chapter members as they can treat active-duty service members to a fun day of golf, all they can eat and drink, and great camaraderie as a way of thanking them for their service.

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Cape Fear Chapter Mission Statement

• Promote the policies and objectives of the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA).

• Support ROTC through a scholarships and leadership awards program.

• Provide useful services for military members and their dependents and survivors.

• Serve the local military community through support of charitable and other service programs.

• Protect the rights and interests of active duty, retired, veterans and reserve component personnel of the uniformed services and their dependents and survivors.

• Foster fraternal relations among retired, active and former officers of the uniformed services and their reserve components.

• Influence and support state legislation favorable to active military, reserve components, veterans and their families and survivors within the State of North Carolina.

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ROTC Leadership Awards

The Cape Fear Chapter supports 25 junior ROTC and 5 senior ROTC units (click open the Download bar to view).

Each spring the Military Officers Association of America awards leadership medals to a cadet at each of our 25 junior ROTC units, and when requested by the PMS to senior ROTC cadets.

The award recipient from each unit is selected by the senior military instructor at each high school and the PMS at the universities. The criteria is spelled out in CFC Policy Memo 15-2.

The cadets receive a medal to be worn above their left breast pocket and a certificate recognizing their accomplishment.

Formal presentation of these awards is made by an officer or representative of the Cape Fear Chapter whenever possible.

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The Robert F. DeMeter Chapter Service Award was established in 1998 in memory of the late LTC (Ret) Robert F. DeMeter, USMC, a former Chapter President (1989), to annually recognize a chapter member for outstanding service to the chapter. The award is the most prestigious award the Chapter can bestow upon one of its members.

Outstanding service is defined as: A significant and extraordinary achievement in support of the chapter during the calendar year for which considered, or (2) Sustained meritorious and extraordinary service to the chapter over a period of time.

The award consists of a certificate and a rotating trophy, which the recipient retains for a period of one year. Moreover, recipients of this coveted award are immortalized in the historical archives of the chapter.

Nominations for the award are solicited from the general membership in January of each year, a selection committee determines the winner, and the award is presented to the selected recipient during the March general membership meeting.

List of all previous award recipients can be downloaded at download bar above.

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Any active duty, retired, veteran, or reserve component commissioned or warrant officer of any of the seven uniformed services, or their widows, is eligible to join the Cape Fear Chapter. It is desired that applicants be members of National MOAA or willing to join.

Local MOAA chapter membership offers added value to members. Chapter members are important to the grass roots support for MOAA's national and state legislative efforts.

Our chapter actively supports 26 high school JROTC, and 5 university SROTC programs, and other outreach programs within our military and civilian communities.

We provide assistance to members with benefit questions and provide access to MOAA's world class information resources. We share common experiences from our military service.

To join our chapter you can download an application form at download bar above, fill it out and mail it to address indicated on the bottom of the form.

If you prefer to join online and pay by credit card, just click on link below to go to the National MOAA site and follow the prompts.

Join Online
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Cape Fear Chapter Founding

Compiled by Juan Chavez

As early as June 1959, Fort Bragg was receiving inquiries by officers as to the existence of a local chapter of The Retired Officers Association. In his periodic letter to military retirees in the Fort Bragg area in September 1959, Lieutenant General Robert F. Sink, then Commander of XVIII Airborne Corps and Fort Bragg, highlighted The Retired Officers Association as a helpful organization that might be of service to retired officers.

In September 1960, the recently assigned Chief of the Retired Activities Unit at Fort Bragg, Colonel Hugh J. Socks, an associate member of the Retired Officers Association himself, submitted a request to the National Headquarters of The Retired Officers Association for information on procedures to form an affiliate in the Fayetteville/Fort Bragg, NC area because of the growing interest.

On February 23, 1961, a meeting of retired officers residing in the Fayetteville, NC area was held in the General Hodge Room of the Fort Bragg Officers Open Mess and was attended by approximately 70 officers interested in forming a chapter. Lieutenant General Thomas J. H. Trapnell, the new Commander of XVIII Airborne Corps and Fort Bragg sponsored the meeting and Colonel Hugh J. Socks, Chief of the Retired Activities Unit acted as the interim moderator.

Colonel (Ret) Sumner E. Smith of Fayetteville, NC was elected chairman of a committee consisting of Colonel (Ret) Foster W. Aungst, Lieutenant Colonel (Ret) C.E. Noel, Major (Ret) R.B. Vanaman, and Major (Ret) R.E. Smith all of Fayetteville, NC. The committee’s purpose was to draft a constitution and by-laws and to complete other necessary paperwork for establishing a charter. These documents were to be presented to the entire body for approval at the next meeting to be held at the same place on March 22, 1961.

The group met as scheduled on March 22, 1961 at the Fort Bragg Officers Open Mess and overwhelmingly approved the constitution and by-laws and the request for affiliation with the Retired Officers Association. Since one of the requirements for becoming affiliated with The Retired Officers Association was that all chapter members had to be members of the National organization, membership applications were completed by all those who were not. A total of 44 members formed the founding chapter, becoming the first affiliate in the state of North Carolina.

The following were elected as officers of the newly formed Cape Fear Chapter:

President: Colonel Sumner E. Smith, AUS, Retired

1st Vice President: Colonel Foster W. Aungst, AUS, Retired

2nd Vice President: Colonel John A. Cosgrove, USAF, Retired

3rd Vice President: Captain George G. Chiles, USN, Retired

Secretary-Treasurer: Major Robert B. Vanaman, AUS, Retired

Assistant Secretary: Major Ronald E. Smith, AUS, Retired

The following committee appointments were made:

Executive Committee –

Commander Gould M. Hambright, USNR, Retired

Lieutenant Colonel Floyd F. Brazell, USA, Retired

Lieutenant Colonel John S. Pollard, USAF, Retired

Lieutenant Colonel William E. Rone, USAFR

Major Kathleen H. Strayhan, ANCR

Major James C. Blanton, USAR, Retired

Major Charles W. Mason, USAR, Retired

Program Committee –

Chairman: Lieutenant Colonel Joe M. Hauer, USAR, Retired

Membership Committee –

Lieutenant Colonel Edward J. Degutis, USAR, Retired

On January 1, 2003, the National organization changed its name from The Retired Officers Association (TROA) to the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA). Through an act of Congress in 2009, MOAA was granted a federal charter. This gave MOAA an expression of congressional support for all of the group’s activities as a veterans service organization. It also enabled all state-level MOAA affiliates to represent veterans on governor-level veterans advisory councils.

For the first 54 years of its existence the chapter held all its monthly Board of Directors meetings in the Fort Bragg Officers Open Mess. Most of the chapter’s general membership meetings and social functions were likewise held at this historic venue until it closed in April 2015. Since then, the chapter has used the Iron Mike Conference Center, Fort Bragg for its meetings and functions.

Fort Bragg was redesignated Fort Liberty on 2 June 2023.

A list of the Cape Fear Chapter charter members and a list of all former presidents can be viewed below.

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Charter Members of the Cape Fear Chapter

COL. F.W. Aungst, USAR

LT. W.F.W. Baker, USAR

MAJ. J.C. Blanton, USAR

COL. R.F. Bradish. USA

LT.COL. F.F. Brazell, USAR

MAJ. S. Byrd. AUS

CAPT. G.G. Chiles, USN

COL. J.A. Cosgrove, USAF

MAJ. J.F. Crowder, Jr., USAR

LT.COL. E.J. Degutis, USAR

CDR. G.M. Hambright, USNR

COL. M.F. Harrison, USAR

LT.COL. J.M. Hauer, USAR

COL. P.F. Horr, USA

LT.COL. W.T. Johnson, AUS

COL. J. Kennedy, USA

MAJ. D.A. Krause, USAR

MAJ. G.W. Lancaster, AUS

MAJ. A.P. Liberty, USAR

MAJ. J.D. MacRae, USAR

MAJ. C.W. Mason, USAR

LT. COL. B.C. Matsen, AUS

LT.COL. F.J. Miller, USAR

MAJ. I.B. Moore, USAR

MAJ. E.W. Muller, AUS

LT.COL. G.R. Newton, USAR

LT.COL. C.E. Noell, USAR

LT.COL. S. Patrick, Jr., AUS

LT. R.L. Paul, ANC

LT.COL. J.S. Pollard, USAR

MAJ. L.C. Pulley, Jr., AUS

LT.COL. W.E. Rone, Chap., USAFR

CAPT. W.A. Rutherford, AUS

MAJ. J.A. Smith, USAR

MAJ. R.E. Smith, USAR

COL. S.E. Smith, USAR

LT.COL. J.F. Stanback, AUS

LT. W.C. Stancil, NGUS

MAJ. K.H. Strayhorn, ANC

MAJ. R.B. Vanaman, AUS

CWO A.E. Wagoner, USAR

CWO L.G. Waldrop, USAR

MAJ. R.B. Williams, USAR

COL. F.E. Wishart, USAR

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Former Cape Fear Chapter Presidents

2021-Pres: COL (Ret) Richard A. Underwood, USA

2019-2020: MAJ (Ret) Ira M. Watkins, USA

2013-2018: COL (Ret) Juan I. Chavez, USA

2009-2012: LTC (Ret) Arlie R. Smith, USA

2007-2008: LTC (Ret) Robert T. Garman, USA**

2005-2006: COL (Ret) Arturo Rodriguez, USA

2003-2004: COL (Ret) Thomas F. Ellzey, USA

2002-2002: LTC (Ret) Robert T. Garman, USA**

2001-2001: COL (Ret) Arturo Rodriguez, USA

1999-2000: LTC (Ret) Robert T. Garman, USA**

1998-1998: COL (Ret) Ted Jakubowski, USAF

1996-1997: COL (Ret) Ralph R. Smoot, USA

1993-1995: MG (Ret) Claude T. Ivey, USA

1992-1992: COL (Ret) Robert P. Fuqua, USAF**

1991-1991: LTC (Ret) Richard Suehr, USAF

1990-1990: MAJ (Ret) Art Brindle, USA

1989-1989: LTC (Ret) Robert DeMeter, USMC

1988-1988: MAJ (Ret) John W. Surprise, USAF

1986-1987: COL (Ret) Chester R. Oehme, Jr., USAF

1985 (Oct-Dec): LTC (Ret) James L. Louden, USAF

1985 (Jan-Sep): LTC (Ret) James M. VanStrein, USA

1983-1984: COL (Ret) Robert P. Fuqua, USAF**

1981-1982: COL (Ret) Carlyle P. Woelfer, USA

1980-1980: COL (Ret) Charles L. Brindel, USA

1978-1979: COL (Ret) William S. Hinton, USA**

1977-1977: LTC (Ret) Standfor Touchstone, USA

1975-1976: COL (Ret) Robert Kendrick, USA

1974-1974: COL (Ret) Paul A. Shields, USA

1973-1973: COL (Ret) Meritt F. Harrison, USA*

1972-1972: MAJ (Ret) Robert B. Vanaman, USA*

1971-1971: LTC (Ret) Richard Suehr, USAF

1970-1970: COL (Ret) James D.C. Breckenridge, USA

1968-1969: LTC (Ret) W.T. Johnson, USA*

1967-1967: LTC (Ret) A.F. Warnecke, USA

1966-1966: 1LT (Ret) Mike Cook, USMC

1965-1965 : LTC (Ret) Edward J. Degutis, USA*

1964-1964 : LTC (Ret) Ben W. Hill, USA

1963-1963 : LTC (Ret) Edward J. Degutis, USA*

1962-1962 : COL (Ret) Foster Aungst, USA*

1961-1961 : COL (Ret) Sumner "Pappy" Smith, USA*

*Charter Members

**Also former presidents of NC State Council of Chapters

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