PRESIDENT'S NOTES for November 2018 by Juan Chavez

PRESIDENT'S NOTES for November 2018

by Juan Chavez

Two of our most significant national holidays fall in November -- Veterans Day and Thanksgiving Day, what a stroke of synergism. On Veterans Day we’ll pay tribute to our veterans for their selfless service to our nation in protecting our freedom. On Thanksgiving Day we’ll be giving thanks for the blessings of freedom and liberty, and for the men and women who served and sacrificed to preserve them.

The Veterans Day parade in downtown Fayetteville will take place on Saturday, the 10th of November this year. I encourage all of you to come out and enjoy a star-spangled event teeming with esprit de corps and patriotic fervor. Hundreds of spectators will turn out to express their gratitude to our active military and veterans. The Cape Fear Chapter will have a unit in the parade as we have had the past five years. Many of the university and high school ROTC units we support will have marching elements and/or color guards in the parade as well.

Another special event coming up on the 16th of November is our annual general membership meeting/dinner at the Iron Mike Conference Center. This will be our last meeting of the year and a very important one. The agenda includes presentation of a slate of candidates for election as chapter president and five other leadership positions on the executive board for the 2-year term starting in January 2019. Ballots will be distributed, and early voting will commence. If you care about the future of our chapter, please make it a point to be present.

Our keynote speaker for the evening will be NC Representative Billy Richardson, District 44; the 82nd “All American Chorus” will perform. We have a full program planned, starting with cocktails and hors d’oeuvres at 5:00 PM followed by a plate dinner. Please send in your reservations request to Art Rodriguez NLT the 13th of November using event flier at download below.

I will be attending the annual meeting of MOAA in Phoenix, Arizona on the 1st and 2nd of November to accept a 5-Star Levels of Excellence Award for our chapter. In keeping with the spirit of thanksgiving, I want to thank all of you for your contributions that made this possible. We’ll be adding this award to our chapter colors at our annual meeting on the 16th, hope to see many of you then.

In closing, please accept my best wishes for a memorable Veterans Day and a blessed Thanksgiving Day. Safe travels if you’re headed out of town to celebrate with family.

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by Tammy Beshlin

This year’s golf tournament played at Baywood Golf Club on 29 September was an incredible success. Our heartfelt thanks to all our commercial sponsors for their continued loyalty and support, to the players who made the day special, and to our chapter members for a commendable outpouring of generosity.

The following is a list of all sponsors and donors; those indicated by an asterisk (*) contributed in multiple ways.

Prime Sponsor

Mr. Steve LaHam, President & CEO*

Anfinsen Plastic Molding & Assembly

Major Material Sponsors


Healy Wholesale

Rogers & Breece, Inc.


Hole Sponsors

A+ Home Health Care Services*

Anstead’s Tobacco Company

Arrow Exterminators of Fayetteville, Inc.*

Chap (LTC)(Ret) & Mrs. Timothy Atkinson

COL (Ret) & Mrs. David L. Baggett*

COL (Ret) & Mrs. Eli Ballard*

Baywood Golf & Community Association

LTC (Ret) & Mrs. David Beshlin*

COL (Ret) & Mrs. George Blanc*

Bob Maier’s Automotive Services*

MAJ (Ret) George Bond*

Brown & Associates Investment Services*

Bryan Honda

Bryant’s Restaurants, Inc./Wendy’s

Buie, Norman & Company, P.A.

Carolina Specialties International*

Cape Fear Discount Drugs*

Cape Fear Eye Associates, P.A.*

Cape Fear HS Navy JROTC

Mrs. Zobeida Carrion

Catlett Family Dentistry

Caviness & Cates Building Development*

COL (Ret) & Mrs. Juan I. Chavez*

LTC (Ret) David Cheney*

LTC (Ret) James E. Chrishon, Jr.

Copper Cricket Pub, Sanford, NC*

Mrs. Maureen Dadek*

COL (Ret) & Mrs. Tad D. Davis

COL (Ret) & Mrs. Stanley D. Dodson*

LTC (Ret) & Mrs. Thomas Donnelly

COL & Mrs. John P. Dunigan*


Edward Jones Investments*

COL (Ret) & Mrs. Ronald Elrod

Fairmont HS AJROTC

Fort Bragg Federal Credit Union

COL (Ret) & Mrs. Ronnie Foxx

LTC (Ret) Dennis Franken*

LTC (Ret) & Mrs. Robert T. Garman*

Dr. Ben Gersh, M.D.*

LTC (Ret) & Mrs. George W. Glann*

LTC (Ret) & Mrs. Marv G. Gordner

COL (Ret) Jeri Graham

LTC (Ret) & Mrs. John W. Hazlett*

MAJ (Ret) Peter A. Hill*

Hinkamp Jeweler’s

LTC (Ret) & Mrs. Ralph Hinrichs*

Horne Brothers Construction, Inc.*

David & Sandi Hubbard

Hubbard Kitchen & Bath Showroom*

LTC (Ret) George Hutnan

Mrs. Carol Ivey*

Jernigan-Warren, Inc.*

Jimmy John’s Sandwiches

Lane Automotive

COL (Ret) & Mrs. Hank Larsen*

Mash House Brew Company*

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur W. Maxwell, Jr.*

John & Mary Beth Parker/McDonald’s

Carl Meinhardt*

Erika Meinhardt*

LTC (Ret) Hans Meinhardt*

Lise Meinhardt*

Metz Glass*

Military Order of the Purple Heart

Morty Pride Meats

BG (Ret) Joseph L. Nagel*

MAJ (Ret) Warren R. O’Brien*

Col (Ret) & Mrs. Chester G. Oehme, Jr.*

Paper, Pens, Etc. Inc.

Powers-Swain Chevrolet, Inc.

Public Storage of Fayetteville, Inc.

COL (Ret) & Mrs. Deogracia Quinones*

QwikMed Pharmacy & Clinic*

Mrs. Barbara Raizen

Rhudy’s, Inc.

COL (Ret) & Mrs. Arturo Rodriguez*

Sanco Construction Company, Inc.

Savvy Cleaning Company

Sharonview Federal Credit Union*

Dr. & Mrs. Richard H. Shereff

Strickland’s Portion Pak, Inc.

Superior Bakery

Terry Sanford HS AFJROTC

LTC (Ret) & Mrs. Edward R. Thomas, II*

TLC Express Carwash*

COL (Ret) & Mrs. James A. Volkmann*

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Vonnegut*

CPT (Ret) & Mrs. David S. Vroom*

Watson Family Dentistry

Mrs. Sara White*

LTC (Ret) & Mrs. Jim Wilde*

LTC (Ret) & Mrs. Martin C. Williams*

Ziegler Properties

Soldier Sponsors

LTC (Ret) & Mrs. Bill Bell

Mrs. Helen Beshlin

Cape Fear Cardiology Association

LTC (Ret) Kenneth W. Chelf

MAJ (Ret) Gerald Croll

Mrs. Maria Cory

LTC (Ret) & Mrs. Clark Ecklund

Mrs. Mary Eidman

First Command

CW3 (Ret) & Mrs. James Fleming

Foust Heating and Air Conditioning

COL (Ret) & Mrs. Darwin A. Frett

Mr. Jack Fulp

COL (Ret) & Mrs. John R. Hermann

Miss LaTonya Jackson

LTC (Ret) & Mrs. Thomas R. King

COL (Ret) & Mrs. Earl F. Klinck

Lt Col (Ret) Geraldine B. McGowan

Erika Meinhardt & John Parks Families

Miss Lise Meinhardt

CW2 & Mrs. Carl Mitchell

LTC (Ret) Charles Pimble

Mr. Mark Rohrig*

Sandhills Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

LTC (Ret) & Mrs. Jon R. Sheets

Simon Funeral Home

LTC (Ret) & Mrs. Walter M. Swing

MAJ (Ret) & Mrs. Robert Tiffany

Mr. Pete Tilton

COL (Ret) & Mrs. Larry Vick

Claudie & Tom Wallen*

COL (Ret) & Mrs. Willie Wright

Cash Donors

Yong Dutmer

MAJ (Ret) & Mrs. Phil Flynn

Mrs. Lois Ives

Prize & Giveaways Donors

Anderson Creek Golf & Country Club

ASOM Gift Shop

Bayonet Golf Course

Baywood Golf Club

Black’s Tire and Auto Service

Carolina Lakes Golf Club

Carraba’s Italian Grill

Chick Filet Skibo Square

Cypress Lakes Golf Club

Day Spa

Defy Fay & Bone Fish Grill

Edward Jones Investments

Firestone Fort Bragg

Fresh Market

Gates Four Golf & Country Club

Hyland Golf & Country Club

Kings Grant Golf Course

Logan’s Roadhouse

Luigi’s Italian Restaurant

Mission Bar BQ

Newk’s Eatery

Olive Garden Italian Kitchen

Red Lobster

Ryder Golf Course

Sam’s Club

Stryker Golf Course

Whispering Woods Golf Club

316 Oyster Bar

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This is an election year!

Pursuant to the CFC constitution and bylaws a Nominating Committee was appointed to compile a slate of candidates for election to Chapter President and five other elective positions on the Chapter Executive Board for service during the 2-year term beginning on January 1, 2019.

The Nominating Committee is composed of Chairman COL (Ret) Willie Wright, and members LTC (Ret) David Beshlin, LTC (Ret) Mark Hayden, MAJ (Ret) Ron O’Brien and Mrs. Maureen Dadek.

Members of the Nominating Committee are now accepting nominations for the elective positions. Nominations may be submitted to any member of the committee between now and November 12. Members are advised to first contact the person being nominated to ascertain that they will accept and agree to serve if elected.

Elective positions are Chapter President, 1st Vice President (Membership Chair), 2nd Vice President (Programs Chair), 3rd Vice President (ROTC Chair), Secretary, and Treasurer.

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IN MEMORIAM Pat and Trish Flanagan – September 14, 2018


Pat and Trish Flanagan – September 14, 2018

It is with the deepest sympathy that we announce that LTC Carl “Pat” Flanagan, Jr., US Army, Retired and his wife of 66 years, Patricia (Trish) Flanagan both perished in a house fire on September 14, 2018 during Hurricane Florence. Both will be interred at Arlington National Cemetery at a date to be announced.

Pat served on active duty for over 20 years including combat service in Vietnam. He and Trish were loyal members of the chapter for several years and their loss will be keenly felt by all of us.

Our heartfelt condolences are extended to the entire Flanagan family for their loss.

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CFC REPEATS AS A 5-STAR CHAPTER 2017 MOAA Levels of Excellence Awards


2017 MOAA Levels of Excellence Awards

For the fourth consecutive year, the Cape Fear Chapter was awarded a MOAA 5-Star Levels of Excellence Award. This is an extraordinary achievement of which all chapter members can be justifiably proud.

Chapter President Chavez will attend the MOAA Annual Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona in November 2018 to accept the 5-Star medallion on behalf of the chapter. Congratulations to all!

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by Juan Chavez

Congratulations to us for repeating as MOAA communication awards winners in 2017. Our chapter was awarded a 5-Star COL Marvin Harris Communication Award for its website “”, and a 5-Star Award for its eNewsletter “Gram of Info” for 2017. This is the fifth consecutive year we have received this distinction for our communications platforms. All of us may be justifiably proud.

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by Juan Chavez

It was my pleasure to present the Robert F. DeMeter Chapter Service Award for 2017 to COL (Ret) George Blanc at our Awards and Recognition Brunch held in the Hodge Room of the Iron Mike Conference Center on Saint Patrick’s Day the 17th of March 2018. The DeMeter award is the most prestigious award the Chapter can bestow upon one of its members.

The citation reads as follows: “For sustained outstanding service as 2nd Vice President, Cape Fear Chapter from August 2013 to December 2017. Besides his faithful and unselfish service on the Chapter’s Executive Board, his work as Programs Chairman is without equal. His enthusiasm and quest for excellence in making every chapter meeting and special event an enjoyable and memorable experience, has contributed immeasurably to the unprecedented success of the chapter during the past five years. His incalculable contributions are worthy of the highest esteem and clearly justify his selection as the 2017 recipient of this coveted award.”

Congratulations George, you have earned our eternal gratitude for your dedicated service and unselfish contributions to the chapter.

See list of all previous DeMeter award recipients at download below.

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