PRESIDENT'S NOTES for March 2017 by Juan Chavez

PRESIDENT'S NOTES for March 2017

by Juan Chavez

My notes this month are brief and focused on one item very much in the news recently, i.e., the new administration’s plan to rebuild our depleting military.

The plan proposes an immediate $54 billion increase in defense spending, perhaps more, and the repeal of the defense sequester imposed by the Budget Control Act of 2011. Sequestration would require defense budget cuts totaling about $100 billion over the next five years if not repealed.

While the new Republican administration has the advantage of a majority in both houses of Congress to carry its water, a repeal of the defense sequestration is not going to be a slam dunk by any means; it’s going to require a bi-partisan effort to get it done. That is why MOAA is making this issue its top legislative effort this year.

As MOAA members, we need to do our part by contacting our elected officials to solicit their support. The best, and easiest way of doing this is by clicking on "Take Action" link below and complete the MOAA-suggested letters to our representatives in Congress.

Let’s all do this today it only takes a few minutes, and it will exponentially strengthen MOAA’s voice on The Hill.

Link: Take Action

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20 January 2017

The newly elected Cape Fear Chapter officers for the 2-year term beginning January 2017 were officially installed in a ceremony during the traditional biennial Installation Dinner held at the Fort Bragg Iron Mike Conference Center on 20 January 2017.

COL (Ret) Jeri Graham member of the MOAA Board of Directors administered the oath of office to: COL (Ret) Juan Chavez, President; COL (Ret) Stan Dodson, 1st Vice President; COL (Ret) George Blanc, 2nd Vice President; LTC (Ret) Marty Williams, 3rd Vice President; LTC (Ret) Dennis Franken, Treasurer; and, LTC (Ret) Don Gersh, Secretary.

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USO Volunteer Initiative by Juan Chavez

USO Volunteer Initiative

by Juan Chavez

As our nation observes the USO’s 75th anniversary of service to our nation’s military this year, it presents an opportunity for our Chapter to rededicate our efforts in support of USO activities here in Fayetteville and Fort Bragg.

The CFC Board of Directors has been exploring ways of getting more of our chapter members actively involved in service projects in support of our military and their families here at Fort Bragg with the goal of promoting chapter cohesion, esprit de corps, and a sense of purpose and self-fulfillment.

The only chapter members who are actively engaged in chapter activities on a regular basis are a small number who serve on the board of directors and special staff, plus a dozen or so USO volunteers. We have not had much success in encouraging the other 95% of our members to get involved other than attending an occasional meeting now and then. Other MOAA chapters have undertaken projects such as adopting a VA health facility or nursing home, a military museum, and the like, to get their members actively engaged in a chapter-sponsored endeavor.

USO volunteerism is by no means new to our chapter, since the USO center at the Fayetteville Regional Airport opened in November 2011 a small number of our chapter members (11 to 14) have volunteered their services as USO stewards at the airport lounge. The number has remained relatively constant, with only 12 currently serving. We would like to inject new energy into this program by perhaps increasing that number to 50 or more; not unrealistic when one considers that we have close to 300 members, plus approximately 250 spouses. (Approximately 50% of our current volunteers are husband-wife teams.)

The Fayetteville Airport USO Center is behind security on the second floor of the airport. The center is 100% operated by volunteers who have gone through the badging process and are dedicated to keeping the center open, available and a comfortable center for our traveling military and their families. At this time, the USO needs dependable volunteers who are willing to commit to at least 8 hours per month serving in the center. There is also a dire need for volunteers to work at the Fort Bragg USO Center located in the Soldier Support Center at Fort Bragg.

If you are interested, please complete the initial steps at and then, email Beverly Jackson at Send email to get your application process moving forward. Please let Beverly know that you are a member of the Cape Fear Chapter, MOAA.

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by Tammy Beshlin

This year’s golf tournament played at Baywood Golf Club on 17 September was a smashing success. Our heartfelt thanks to all our commercial sponsors for their continued loyalty and support, to the players (including 60 active duty military) who made the day special, and to our chapter members for a commendable outpouring of generosity.

The following is a list of all sponsors and donors; those indicated by an asterisk (*) contributed in multiple ways.

Prime Sponsor

Mr. Steve LaHam, President & CEO

Anfinsen Plastic Molding & Assembly, Inc.

Major Material Sponsors

Corvias Military Living (food)

Healy Wholesale (beverages)

Rogers & Breece, Inc. (beverages)*

USAA (food)*

Hole Sponsors

AAFMAA Wealth Management Trust*

A+ Home Health Care Services

All American Associates in Family Medicine*

AmeriTrust Investment Advisors

Arrow Pest Control*

CW2 (Ret) & Mrs. Fleming L. Asbury

Chap (LTC)(Ret) Timothy Atkinson

COL (Ret) & Mrs. David L. Baggett*

LTC (Ret) & Mrs. David Beshlin*

Baywood Golf & Community Association

Bob Miarer’s Automotive Services

MAJ (Ret) George Bond

Mrs. Marcella Bouldin

Bragg Ladies Golf Association (BLGA)*

COL (Ret) Charles Brindel*

Brown & Associates Investment Services*

Bryan Merritt and Associates

Bryant’s Restaurants, Inc./Wendy’s

Buie, Norman & Company*

CDR (Ret) & Mrs. Bobby G. Bunce

Dr. David Byrnes, M.D.

Lt Col (Ret) & Mrs. Steve Byrnes*

Cape Fear Cardiology Associates, P.A.*

Cape Fear Eye Associates, P.A.

Cape Fear Discount Drugs

Carolina Specialties International*

Joseph N. Catlett, Jr., D.D.S., P.A.

Caviness & Cates Communities*

COL (Ret) & Mrs. Juan I. Chavez*

LTC (Ret) David Cheney*

Crossroads Fort of Sanford

MAJ (Ret) Gerald F. Croll*

Mrs. Maureen Dadek*

Danny Odom Roofing*

COL (Ret) & Mrs. Tad D. Davis

LTC (Ret) & Mrs. Thomas Donnelly

COL (Ret) & Mrs. Ronald Elrod

Fayetteville Observer

First Command Financial Services*

Fort Bragg Federal Credit Union

COL (Ret) & Mrs. Ronnie Foxx

LTC (Ret) Dennis Franken*

LTC (Ret) & Mrs. Robert T. Garman*

Dr. Ben Gersh, M.D.*

LTC (Ret) & Mrs. George W. Glann*

LTC (Ret) & Mrs. John W. Hazlett*

COL (Ret) & Mrs. John R. Hermann, Jr.*

LTC (Ret) & Mrs. Ralph Hinrichs*

Horne Brothers Construction, Inc.*

Hubbard Kitchen & Bath Showroom*

Hutchens Law Firm*

LTC (Ret) George Hutnan

Mrs. Carol Ivey*

LTC (Ret) Edward J. Jackson

Jernigan-Warren, Inc.*

Chap (LTC)(Ret) John Kelly*

Lafayette Ford-Lincoln

COL (Ret) & Mrs. Hank Larsen*

Mash House Brew Company*

Mr. Stephen McDavid*

GEN (Ret) & Mrs. Dan K. McNeill


Carl Meinhardt*

Erika Meinhardt*

LTC (Ret) Hans Meinhardt

Lise Meinhardt*

Metz Glass*

Morty Pride Meats

BG (Ret) Joseph L. Nagel*

CPT (Ret) & Mrs. Loren Neilson*

New Hope Family PracticeMAJ (Ret) Warren R. O’Brien*

Paper, Pens, Etc. Inc.

Pennink & Huff Property Management

Pentagon Federal Credit Union *

LTC (Ret) Charles E. Pimble

Powers-Swain Chevrolet, Inc.

LTC (Ret) George Quigley

Mrs. Barbara Raizen

Rhudy’s, Inc.

Riddle Community Properties

COL (Ret) & Mrs. Arturo Rodriguez*

COL (Ret) Lawrence C. Rose*

S.R. Martin Group*

Sakura Japanese Restaurant

Sandhills Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery*

LTC (Ret) Richard Shereff*

MAJ (Ret) & Mrs. Henry L.Simpson

LTC (Ret) & Mrs. Arlie R. Smith*

Mrs. Phyllis Streit*

Superior Bakery

Alexis Taylor

CW4 (Ret) Harold Thacker*

LTC (Ret) & Mrs. Edward R. Thomas, II*

Village Family Dental*

COL (Ret) & Mrs. James A. Volkmann*

CPT (Ret) & Mrs. David S. Vroom*

Claudie & Tom Wallen*

Watson Family Dentistry

LTC (Ret) & Mrs. Jim Wilde*

LTC (Ret) & Mrs. Martin C. Williams*

Ziegler Properties

Soldier Sponsors

COL & Mrs. Matthew A. Barker

Mrs. Helen Beshlin

COL (Ret) & Mrs. George Blanc*

COL (Ret) Mark Boyatt

Lt Col (Ret) George Brudzinski*

LTC (Ret) Kenneth W. Chelf

LTC (Ret) Daniel J. Connelly

Mrs. Maria Cory

LTC (Ret) & Mrs. Clark Ecklund*

COL (Ret) John P. Dunigan*

LTC (Ret) & Mrs. Al Howe

LTC (Ret) & Mrs. Harold G. Isaacson*

LTC (Ret) & Mrs. Edward Jackson

Mrs. Barbara Lepper

LtCol (Ret) Geraldine B. McGowan*

COL (Ret) & Mrs. Dan Moses

MAJ (Ret) & Mrs. Robert Tiffany

Mr. Pete Tilton*

COL (Ret) & Mrs. Willie Wright

Cash Donors

Mr. Robert Breece*

MAJ (Ret) & Mrs. Angel L. Carrion

Foust Heating & Air Conditioning

MAJ (Ret) & Mrs. Robert P. Ives

Sanco Construction Company*

Simon Funeral Home

Mr. Joe Vonnegut*

Prize & Giveaways Donors

Academy Sports

Akel’s Pancake House

Anderson Creek Golf & Country Club

Anstead’s Tobacco Company

Bayonet Golf Club

Baywood Golf Club

Carolina Lakes Golf Club

Carraba’s Italian Grill

Chick Filet Skibo Square


Cypress Lakes Golf Club

Dunkin Donuts

Firestone Cross Creek Mall

Gates Four Golf & Country Club

Great Harvest Bread Company

Hinkamp Jewelers

Hobby Lobby

Hyland Golf & Country Club

Joe’s Crab Shack

Kick Back Jack’s

Kings Grant Golf & Country Club

Landry’s Seafood

Legacy Golf Links

Logan’s Roadhouse


Luigi’s Italian Restaurant

Mac’s Speed Shop

McKellar’s Lodge

MiCasita Mexican Restaurant

Newk’s Eatery

On the Border Mexican Restaurant


Primo Pizza

Putt-Putt Fun Center at Hope Mills

Renaissance European Day Spa

Ryder Golf Course

Schlotzysky's Bakery Café

Bob & Gladys Smoot

Stryker Golf Course

316 Oyster Bar

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2016 Levels of Excellence Awards

For the third successive year, the Cape Fear Chapter was awarded a MOAA 5-Star Levels of Excellence Award. This is an extraordinary achievement of which all chapter members can be justifiably proud.

Chapter President Chavez will be attending the MOAA Annual Meeting in Arlington, Virginia in October 2016 to accept the 5-Star Streamer on behalf of the chapter. Congratulations to all!

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Chapter Gains Another Honorary Member July 29, 2016

Chapter Gains Another Honorary Member

July 29, 2016

The Cape Fear Chapter conferred Honorary Membership upon Drew Brooks, Military Editor of the Fayetteville Observer at the general membership meeting on July 29, 2016.

Mr. Brooks was honored for his sustained outstanding support of the Cape Fear Chapter for the past three years.

President Chavez presented Drew with a Honorary Membership Certificate, plus an engraved chapter coin mounted on a coin lock as a token of appreciation.

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by Juan Chavez

Our heartfelt thanks are extended to the following chapter members who so generously contributed to the Global War on Terrorism Memorial fund drive. The chapter was successful in raising $25,000 in 6 months from personal donations, thus fulfilling its pledge to help fund a long-overdue and much deserved memorial to our military men and women who have sacrificed so much in the war against global terrorism since 9/11.

Contributors: Al Alvarez, Tim Atkinson, Rudy Baker, Eli Ballard, Matt Barker, Larry Bass, Ron Bean, Bill Bell, Dave & Tammy Beshlin, George Blanc, George Bond, Mark Boyatt, Bobby Breece, Charlie Brindel, Bruce Brown, Bob & Elizabeth Bunce, Steve Byrnes, Juan Chavez, Ken Chavis, Dave Cheney, Dan Connelly, Maria Cory, Jerry Croll, Tad Davis, Tom Delahunty, Stan Dodson, Tom Donnelly, George Dudley, Clark Ecklund, Ron Elrod, Carl Flanagan, Dennis Franken, Bill Freccia, Bob Garman, Don Gersh, George Glann, Tom Glockzin, Jeri Graham, Chris Grates, Mark Hayden, John Hazlett, Mac Healy, Sam Higdon, Ralph Hinrichs, Alex Hodges, Al Howe, Ike & Pat Isaacson, Carol Ivey, Frank Jaks, Tom King, Earl Klinck, Hank Larsen, Art Macaltao, Steve Mannell, Steve McDavid, Dan McNeill, Dot Miller, Joe Nagel, Tim Newton, Ron O'Brien, Chester Oehme, Charles Pimble, Rick Porter, George Quigley, Deogracia Quinones, Art Rodriguez, Al Rose, Dean Russell, Brian Scott, Ed Seemer, Jon & Casey Sheets, Tom Shipp, Henry Simpson, Arlie & Ingrid Smith, Bob Smoot, Phyllis Streit, Barry Swift, John Szoka, Harold Thacker, Earl Thieme, Ed Thomas, Robert Tiffany, James Volkmann, Dave Vroom, Bob White, Jim Wilde, Marty Williams, Emilie Williams, and Drew Ziegler.

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